(RENT) How to Articulate Your Transition Story In a Non-Academic Interview

Presented by Heidi Scott Giusto, PhD | Owner and Operator | Career Path Writing Solutions

After watching this video, you will be able to:
1) Articulate your transition from academia for non-academic employers.
2) Apply effective strategies to describe your reason for leaving academia.
3) Identify your motivations for pursuing a career beyond the professoriate.
4) Control the narrative during an interview.

1) Why would a potential employer question your motivation for leaving academia?
2) How can you articulate your reasons for leaving academia?
3) How can you control the narrative?
4) What are the concluding suggestions about attitude?

1) Reflect on your motivations for transitioning into a career beyond the professoriate. What’s your primary reason and how can you articulate it with a positive tone?
2) Prepare to control the narrative by listing the skills you developed, the passions you identified, and the accomplishments you earned during your PhD.
3) Consult the additional resources and start compiling examples of transition stories. Do any of them resonate with your experience?
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