Beyond the Professoriate Co-Founders 


Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your conference or graduate career week? Someone who can empower graduate students to make informed decisions about their career options? 


Maren and Jennifer are career education specialists who understand the challenges graduate students and recent PhDs face when they launch a job search beyond the professoriate. With over five years of experience researching, writing, and mentoring PhDs in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM disciplines, Jen and Maren have designed a series of workshops to help prepare PhDs for the non-academic job market.  


Workshop attendees will learn: 

• To identify career motivators, values and interests  

• To communicate their skills, knowledge, and abilities to potential employers 

• The importance and power of networking and building connections with professionals

• How resumes work (and don't!) as part of a non-academic job search

• That there are many enjoyable career paths for PhDs! 



Three Packages to Meet Your Needs  


The Foundations of a Successful Job Search (Recommended)*



 Beyond the Professoriate On-Campus Workshop Series *  



Virtual Beyond the Professoriate Workshop Series 



* Additional workshops on resume & cover letters, preparing for non-faculty interviews, networking, and social media for the job search (including LinkedIn) can be added to any package. 


What People Are Saying ... 


"Beyond the Professoriate is designed to help graduate students now. Towards this end it is practical, actionable and student centred.  It demonstrates just how much can be done to immediately help our PhDs once we jettison the ridiculous (and remarkably recent) idea that the sole purpose and value of a PhD is to become a professor; encouraging our PhD students to freely and openly explore their professional options; and provide resources or opportunities for professional development."  Read the full article.

- Paul Jenkins,PhD, Administrative Coordinator for the University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities.