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Jennifer Polk, PhD



Jen is the Director of Community and Co-Director of Educational Programs at Beyond the Professoriate.  She earned a PhD in History from the University of Toronto.   

Jen is passionate about helping PhDs transition into jobs and careers that suit them. She loves the career exploration process. In addition to her work as Beyond the Professoriate, Jen is an academic, career, and life coach helping a diverse group of graduate students and PhDs from all around the world launch meaningful careers, during and after graduate school. She also hosts an online community for entrepreneurial academics, called Self-Employed PhD.

Jen speaks on campuses and at conferences throughout North America on issues related to graduate education and career outcomes for PhDs.  Her writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, University Affairs, Vitae, and Academic Matters. 

To learn more about Jen's coaching, visit, and read her award-winning University Affairs blog.  Follow Jen on Twitter @FromPhDtoLife and connect with her on Linkedin.


L. Maren Wood, PhD



Maren is the Director of Research and Co-Director of Educational Programs at Beyond the Professoriate. She earned a PhD in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill. 

Maren has been a lead researcher on several important studies on the academic and non-academic job market for humanities and social science PhDs, working for the Amerian Historical Association and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Her writings appear in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Currently, she is leading a team of volunteer researchers to track Who Lands Tenure Track Jobs. She's also working on a History of the Academic Job Market Crisis from 1968 to the Present. You can follow both research projects at

Maren is often invited to campuses as a keynote speaker to present her original research.  She also delivers interactive workshops to help graduate students prepare for a non-faculty job search. In addition to her research, Maren provides one-to-one career coaching to PhDs through her self-paced course, Boot Camp for the Post-Academic Job Seeker.

Follow Maren on Twitter @drmarenw and connect with her on Linkedin.