This course is for you if you’re a graduate student or PhD who is looking for a non-faculty job, or even if you’re just exploring your options!  

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What you’ll learn:

• How to define success, independent of other people’s expectations

• What really matters to you in your career

• How to leverage your education for a variety of different career pathways

• To talk about your knowledge, skills, and abilities in a way that employers will understand

• How to use resumes as part of your job search strategy

• The importance of building a community of people who can help you

• Creative ways to fill gaps on your resume



• Over 40 video clips from our PhD Career Panels and Workshops from the last 6 months.  It is career advice for PhDs by PhDs.

• 7 articles authored by Beyond the Professoriate Co-Founders Maren Wood, PhD  & Jennifer Polk, PhD.

• 7 homework assignments to help you launch a successful job search.