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When you join us, you’ll become part of a community of like-minded grad students and PhDs. 

Explore all your career options in academia and beyond. We provide resources for those who want to be a professor, or a professional beyond the professoriate, and for self-employed PhDs. Undecided? Join all three groups in the community and explore all your career options. 

Community members come from all academic disciplines, and range from grad students to tenured faculty who are looking to change careers.

Our platform is a safe, supportive space. Forums are closed to non-members and moderated by the Community Manager.

Attend Live Career Seminars and Panels

Beyond the Professoriate

Members attend webinars to hear first hand how PhDs from STEM, humanities, and social science disciplines build careers in business, industry, non-profits, public sector, and higher education. Discover possibilities and learn strategies for career success beyond the professoriate. New content added monthly.

Academic Careers

Learn strategies to help you navigate the academic job market. Seminars are led by PhDs who now work in career centers and graduate schools at major universities in the United States and Canada. 

All events are free for members to attend live. 

 Courses to Teach You Job Search Strategies

Learn job search strategies by completing our on-demand video-based courses. 

Professional Careers covers career exploration, identifying transferable skills, resume writing, networking and more. 

Academic Careers teaches you strategies for faculty job application documents and first-round interviews. New units about on-campus interviewing and grant writing are coming in 2019.

Courses are included as part of your membership. 

Access On-Demand Videos

Learn anytime, anywhere.

Hour-long videos covering important aspects of the PhD job search and career exploration process, like resume writing, networking, and interviewing.

Academic job seekers can find resources on specific topics of the faculty job search.

Career panels & PhD Interviews to help you imagine new possibilities for your own job search.

Members have access to the last three months of recorded webinars, and can rent past webinars for as little as $4. We add new content monthly.

Member-Only Discussions

Join Jen and Maren in their virtual office hours. Connect, share, learn, and take action to move your career forward. Office hours are held twice a month.

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When you join, you'll create a quick profile, upload a picture, and tell us a bit about yourself. You can connect with other members and "follow" topics of interest. Some of our members love the online community and actively engage in conversations; others prefer to lurk. It's your choice. Membership starts at US $12 /month.

What Members Are Saying

"I’d been in transition for years--first to leave the professoriate and then to join the corporate world--before joining Beyond the Professoriate, with little success. What I appreciate the most about BP is the community of individuals who are at different stages of their academic careers working toward the same goal and supporting one another. Knowing you are not alone in a difficult transition is empowering, and BP is a friendly space to get that much needed support, both practical and emotional." - Ping-Yuan Wang, PhD 

 As an English PhD working at a state college for the past 6 years while unsuccessfully searching for a different position, I found your resources to be extremely helpful and practical. Naively, I had always just assumed that networking was only something people in the business world did to make connections and find work, and I had never heard of an informational interview until watching one of your webinars. If I hadn’t found Beyond the Prof, I probably would still be working at a job that wasn’t a good fit for me and feeling discouraged about my future job prospects. - Rachel Edford, PhD 

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