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Join our Community to connect with like-minded PhDs who are searching for, and launching, post-PhD careers in academia or beyond the professoriate. 

We help members reach their goals and succeed in their new careers by providing accountability, connection with like-minded PhDs, and exclusive access to advice by experts.

For PhDs in all disciplines: Humanities, Social Science, and STEM. 

Starting at 14.99/Month


  • Sometimes you need that extra push. We help provide accountability for members to reach their goals while job searching.


  • Be more confident in your job options and professional skills.


  • Informational interviews, networking, interviewing—it’s awkward, we know. But our community can help you with advice that works.


  • Get access to expert advice on your job search documents. Learn how other PhDs have succeeded in their career transition stories.


  • Learn from other PhDs who have been through the process and are thriving. Connect with peers also job searching to share tips and support.


Transition into a Post-PhD Job

  • Focused 1-hour "spotlights" and instructional webinars every month led by PhD experts on how to transition into careers in: Industry, Non-Profit, Higher Education Administration, Faculty, and the Private Sector
  • Explore different careers via short live chats with PhDs beyond the professoriate


  • Safe, supportive space to explore all career options
  • Hear from hundreds of PhDs and join a network of peers thriving in different career fields

Career Advice that works

  • Monthly member only group coaching with Maren & Jen
  • Advice from PhDs who have been in your shoes

Improve Your Professional Documents

  • Share job documents to get feedback
  • Learn proven strategies from PhDs who have successfully moved into post-PhD careers in specific industries
  • Members receive 30% off coaching and editing services

Support throughout the Process

  • Peer support, share success and challenges in safe space
  • Weekly accountability prompts from your host

What Members Are Saying

“I wish I had discovered Beyond the Prof earlier. I’ve had a number of fears about transitioning alt-ac employment after graduation, and BtP offers strategies to deal with those fears. Many of the job search strategies, networking guidance and career directions BtP has introduced to me I likely would not have discovered on my own. The courses and videos are tailored specifically for PhDs, which make the support grounded in awareness of the unique challenges of this transition. Jen and Maren have interviewed dozens of former academics who happily and successfully have forged new career paths. They are expert coaches and leaders. Perhaps the highlight for me is the online hub and community. It gives me a chance to check in—whether it be to define goals, remain accountable to my intentions, or ask for support though an application or a period of disappointment. I’m very grateful for this community and recommend it without hesitation. ” --- Humanities PhD

“I like the ability to bounce ideas around in the Beyond the Prof forums. It helps to see the ways that people who have similar degrees are dealing with the job market. A lot of the career advice out there falls flat for PhD holders - we need slightly different approaches in our career searches. Networking is still ultra important but it helps to think through how we approach informational interviews and present ourselves and our training. ” --- Social Sciences PhD

“It is great to hear so many stories of how all the awesome peeps here with deep & broad & varied experience are navigating the complicated and often confusing landscape of jobs & industries to find places where their experience will be valuable and valued. Also great to be able to ask questions & get advice from such an energetic & helpful community. ” --- STEM PhD

Are you still exploring your career options? Unsure of how to get started in your job search and want to learn the basics of applying for non-academic jobs? Then our courses might be a better option for you. 

Find out more here: Fundamentals of the Job Search


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